4 Ways to Nurse Your Baby Securely and Comfortably

best breastfeeding positions for new moms

Although nursing is an intuitive task, it usually takes some time for first-time moms and newborns to get the hang of it. Nursing a baby creates incredible moments in a women’s life. Yet, new moms are full of insecurities, wondering whether they’re doing right, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


If you ever wonder how to hold a nursing baby or simply want to get familiarized and comfortable with breastfeeding, here are some of the best breastfeeding positions for you.


Play around with these nursing positions to find what works best for you.

best breastfeeding positions for new moms

#1: The Football Hold

Lay your newborn next to you lengthwise with their face titled upwards. Rest the baby alongside your arm and guide their mouth to the nipple. This position is exceptionally comfortable for women who’ve had a C-section but works equally well for women with vaginal births. However, the football hold position can be difficult for women with smaller breasts or long torsos.


#2: The Cradle Hold

Lay the baby sideways next to your abdomen. Next, use your hands to support your newborn’s head and bottom. Once in a comfortable position, gradually guide your newborn’s mouth to the breast. The cradle hold is ideal for older babies who can latch easily. However, please note that it might get a bit harder to control the baby’s head in this nursing position.


#3: The Cross-Cradle Hold

Lay your newborn on its side to make sure their mouth easily reaches your nipple. Many nursing women prefer using a nursing pillow or cushion to extend some support to their babies. Please note that if you’re nursing from the left breast, use the right arm to hold the newborn and the right hand to support the baby’s head. Meanwhile, support the left breast with your fingers. Many first-time moms claim that out of all nursing positions, the cross-cradle hold offers the most control.


#4: The Side-Lying-Down

While laying down sideways, hold your newborn closely next to you. If you’re resting on your left side, ensure that your baby is on their right side. Once you’re both in a comfortable position, make sure the newborn’s mouth is positioned at the same height or lower than your chest. Next, adjust their mouth to your breast with a free hand, and with the other hand, hug the baby for a close embrace.


Note: If you’re experiencing trouble positioning your newborn for breastfeeding, don’t hesitate to take advantage of nursing pillows. Additionally, you can also use folded blankets or towels to rest your little one in a comfy position.


Closing Note

Holding a baby while breastfeeding is often a significant concern for numerous first-time moms. Luckily, there are several nursing positions and ways to breastfeed a baby. Just remember, the best breastfeeding position is the one in which you and your baby feel most comfortable.


Lastly, keep in mind that nursing is a natural process that progresses over time. So stick with it, and gradually with practice, you will become a pro!


best breastfeeding positions for new moms


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