If Your New Baby Has Any of These 5 Issues – Don’t Worry

Things new moms don’t have to worry about

Giving life to your new baby is indeed one of the most awesome life experiences—one that you wouldn’t give away for the world. However, there’s no denying that it is equally challenging, especially for first-time moms. Once the precious little baby is born, new moms worry about many things, from the color of their poop to checking up on them in between naps.

In this blog post, I will be sharing some curious things that you won’t have to worry about. After all, there are plenty of other more important things to pay attention to once your bundle of joy arrives.

Things new moms don’t have to worry about

Here are five things new moms don’t have to worry about:

#1: The small hollow in the newborn’s chest

Relax and take a deep breath; the hollow space in your baby’s chest does not signify a heart disease or problem. As per experts, the breastbone comprises three parts, and the dent you come across is most probably nothing more than its bottom piece, tilting backward.

As newborn babies grow, their belly and torso muscles would pull it straight. In many cases, it happens even before that, as layers of baby fat will cover up this very normal facet of baby anatomy.

#2: Touching the soft head spots

If you have done this or feel intrigued to do it, please know that it is entirely normal! Many women think that touching the newborn’s soft head spots, knows as fontanels, means they are making contact with the baby’s brain. But let me break it to you all – you are not touching the brain.

But if it is not the brain, what is it? Fontanels are a thick, extremely protective membrane. These squishy spots exist because your baby has safely navigated through the tight birth canal. A newborn’s skull is flexible; thus, know that your baby’s head has already endured quite a rough ride with (thankfully!) no harm done.

#3: Blood in the baby girls’ diaper

Yes, you read that right. During gestation, an increase in maternal estrogen levels can incite a female fetus’s uterus. Therefore, during the initial weeks of being born, it is not rare for newborn girls to experience a mini period in which the uterus bleeds a bit.

#4: Swollen breasts of both genders

The same hormones responsible for making newborn girls have mini periods can also enlarge or swell the breasts of both gender babies. It may be alarming for many first-time moms. Please remember it is entirely normal and nothing to worry about at all!

#5: Sneezing (a lot of it!)

Newborn babies have cute, little noses! And even a trivial amount of mucus can make them sneeze. Additionally, as they have just emerged from their watery home in the uterus, they are likely to have a bit of congestion, causing quite a few sneezes. Unless the sneezing is accompanied by mucus (think and yellow), which signifies a cold, it’s just a phase that your baby will eventually outgrow.

There you have it – our list of top five things new moms don’t have to worry about! If you have more, feel free to share with us in the comments below.

Things new moms don’t have to worry about


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