5 Prenatal Secrets to Make Your Baby Smarter

Smarter Baby during Pregnancy

5 Prenatal Secrets to Make Your Baby Smarter: Every parent wants to raise their children for success. The promise of enhancing the intelligence of a baby before birth seems interesting. Of course, you want the best for your baby. You’ve already made plans to get them the best baby gear. But, you don’t have to wait for your baby to start his/her life. Research has revealed at least 5 things you can do to make your baby smarter before birth. These things will enhance the development of your baby’s brain in the womb.

5 Pregnancy Secrets to Make your Baby Smarter Before Birth

  1. Exercising

    When mommy exercises, her baby benefits from the increased oxygenation and stimulation. It can also help to improve brain functioning. You don’t have to run fast to gain the advantages of exercising during pregnancy. Your body releases mood-boosting endorphins after your workout, which also make their way to your baby. The exercise further stimulates the baby’s development generally through the increased flow of blood. Many researchers have found that aerobic exercises also help improve a baby’s brain’s functioning during pregnancy. But, ask your doctor before starting any new exercise during pregnancy to be safe.

  2. Consuming Eggs and Fish

    Choline is a suggested vitamin for pregnant women because it helps to improve learning and memory in babies. Choline is found in egg yolks. That’s why it is recommended to consume eggs during pregnancy. Choline provides support in the cognitive development of the baby. It can even change the structure of their brain cells. This can have a lifelong positive impact.DHA is an omega-three fatty acid that is easily found in fish. Researchers have established its connection with healthier brain development. Therefore, it is necessary to make fish a part of your diet to make your baby smarter. It also helps to enhance cognitive scores.DHA also helps to decrease the risk of symptoms of autism. A study conducted in 2016 found that children whose mothers consumed fish three to four times weekly had a higher IQ than those whose mothers did not eat much fish. The high DHA level that’s found in fish improves the baby’s brain. Thus, to make their babies smarter, expectant moms should consume fish in their diet.

  3. Eradicate Smoking, Alcohol, and Unnecessary Drugs

    Women who smoke even during pregnancy are more likely to give birth to a premature baby. Premature babies are prone to many problems, including learning and breathing. It is also strongly suggested that expectant moms stay away from smoking for their health and their baby’s health. The same is true of alcohol as well as drugs that are not doctor-approved. If a woman continues their intake, it can cause birth defects and intellectual disabilities in babies.

  4. Conversation with Your Baby

  5. Talking to your baby during pregnancy can have a more significant effect than listening to a piece of classical music. The process of learning the language starts in the womb. Studies have shown that those children whose parents talked to them during the entire pregnancy period recognize words earlier. It seems silly for you to talk to your belly, but it helps your baby’s intellectual development.Related: Common Challenges During MaternityStudies have shown that newborn babies could recognize a specific word after their mother had listened to a recording containing that same word during the pregnancy. But how could the researchers tell this, you ask? The babies recognized the pitch and vowel changes as evidenced by neural changes. The most vigorous response was from the babies who heard the recording frequently in her mother’s womb. The logical conclusion is that language learning starts in the womb of the mother. So talking to your baby during pregnancy makes your baby smarter in this way before birth. However, it has no impact on your baby’s intelligence (i.e., reasoning and grasp of concepts.)5 Prenatal Secrets to Make Your Child Smarter2There is another reason to talk aloud to your baby. A baby can identify his/her parents’ voices even within the first two months of life. The mother’s familiar voice makes the baby feel safe and comfortable.
  6. Get More Sleep with Prenatal Supplements

    Almost 80% of women suffer from insomnia during pregnancy. You cannot sleep in the same position as you did before pregnancy. After incubation, you have a baby bump that hurts your back. Sometimes, you’re kept awake the whole night. But, you need proper sleep to fuel your immune system. It also helps to boost your mood.Moreover, when you get proper sleep, you have more chances for a healthy baby.

  7. Your baby’s brain will develop better in your womb if you take an adequate amount of sleep. There are fewer chances for disabilities in the baby after birth if a mother takes proper sleep during pregnancy. On the other hand, complications can arise if a mother faces sleeplessness and depression during pregnancy. So adequate sleep is essential for the health of both mother and baby.Pregnancy pillows can help mom and baby get their needed rest. This type of pillow is used to make sleep more comfortable. It comforts the baby by reducing the mother’s pain and aches during the pregnancy period. When the mother is relaxed, her baby feels safe in the womb.Along with sleep, you should take prenatal supplements. You can take supplements like vitamin A, K, B, and folic acid. Folic acid is essential for your baby’s healthy brain cells, thus making your baby smarter. Again, it’s strongly recommended you consult with your doctor on this.


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