7 Festive Christmas Party Ideas for Kids

Christmas party for kids

Christmas is an extraordinary holiday for everyone, especially for your little ones. Let’s make this event even more memorable for your kids, and involve them in simple Christmas Party activties for everyone to enjoy during the holiday season. ​You can even arrange a little Christmas party for your kid and their friends to enjoy the festive season together and play some fun Christmas games

Christmas party for kids

Here are a few festive ideas you can include in your Christmas Party for your kids to enjoy a lot more!

1.   Gingerbread House-Making

The most famous tradition of Christmas is making gingerbread cookies. To take it to the next level, organize a gingerbread house-building party for your kids. Pre-building tiny houses out of gingerbread or graham crackers can be a fun activity for young children. If you have teenagers and want to take the theme to the next level, ask them to bake their house parts ahead of time and bring them to the party as decorations.

Distribute a variety of candies, decorations such as sprinkles and provide each child different colored icing. Then, give everyone an hour or two to put their houses together and decorate them as they like.

To put everyone’s imaginations to the test, invite a panel of judges over to choose the most creative gingerbread house. You can even do a blindfold decorating challenge to make it more enjoyable and messy.

2.   Christmas Cookie Exchange

Making cookies for Christmas is a fun tradition, but it can be tiring for parents to make more than two or three different kinds of cookies for the exchange. You can turn the solution to this cookie emergency into a game for kids. Host a fun cookie exchange for kids that everyone will enjoy.

You can ask the guests to bring a dozen or two dozen of the same type of cookie to the party, along with enough copies of the recipe to go around for each guest. Lay the cookies on trays with the recipe cards and each child’s name next to them on each side.

Then, each child can fill an empty plate with two of each type of cookie, starting with the most popular. We recommend getting the children to pick up a copy of each recipe as they move around the table.

Create a place where the children can decorate the covers of small cookbooks and bind the recipes together as a keepsake from the party. You can even give out candies as rewards to those who put effort into drawing the best cover.

3.   Crafty Christmas Party

Wouldn’t it be fun to make Christmas gifts instead of buying them from a store? That would make a lot more thoughtful gesture than any small, random gift. Encourage the younger generation by holding a Christmas craft party.

Invite your kid’s friends over and set up three or four stations where the children can create various tree decorations. Having them decorate or create handmade ornaments is a great way to get kids excited and keep them engaged. You could also have your children participate in other holiday crafts projects, such as making advent calendars. Other ideas could be to create handmade wrapping paper or Christmas cards.

Christmas party ideas for kids

4.   Sing Christmas Carols and Karaoke

The most memorable thing about Christmas that makes this holiday stand out is Christmas carols and songs. You can gather everyone together in an area where there is a TV and speakers. Ask who wants to go first, and they can pick a song they like to sing. You can also provide them with a list.

The person can then choose the next person to sing, and it keeps going on. Karaoke is something that both adults and kids would enjoy.

5.   Dance Around the Christmas Tree

This idea is fun for young kid parties. When your kid’s friends arrive, spray their hair with temporary red and green dye and then decorate their clothes with handmade paper to make them look festive like a Christmas tree. Move the couches aside, put up a disco ball, and let the kids dance to holiday songs that pop bands have covered. To make the party more Christmas-tree-themed, you can even make food like a tree. Cut the dough into shapes with cookie cutters before adding the toppings to achieve this effect.

6.   Polar Express Pajama Party

You’ve probably heard of the movie “The Polar Express.” It’s a Christmas movie that many children love watching. This year, invite kids to your Christmas party in their pajamas, and you can design the party invitations to look like train tickets.

This idea will make your party stand out from the rest. Serving hot chocolate, as shown in the movie, is also an option. Watching the film as a group at the party would make the kids feel like part of the movie.

7.   Trim a Tiny Tree

Decorating Christmas trees is the highlight of Christmas. You can include this activity in Christmas parties as well. It can be fun got kids to have their tree that they can decorate themselves. This tree doesn’t have to be the main tree in the living room. You can get each kid inexpensive, small, and artificial trees found at craft stores or discount stores.

You can get them different ornaments or even ask them to handcraft things on their own to make the experience a lot more exciting. Provide them with stencils, colors, papers, ribbons, glitter, and everything crafty to create beautiful and festive ornaments. Decorating Christmas trees would make the holiday a lot more special for children, and they can then take these home as a memorable keepsake.

Christmas party for kids
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The Bottom Line

Christmas parties are something kids look forward to every year, and as parents, we have to make it memorable for them every year. You can do this by incorporating new ideas that have never been done before, making Christmas celebrations fun for the kids and guests involved. Christmas is a beautiful holiday so celebrate it with a lot of joy.


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