7 Fun Activities to Keep Kids Busy Over the Holidays

7 Fun Activities to Keep Kids Busy Over the Holidays

Holidays can be boring without some activities to do at home. Plan some fun activities and ideas that you and your kids can do together during the break before the holidays start. These activities will give your kids something constructive to do and provide opportunities to bond and make memories with your little ones.

If you’re looking for fun ways to keep your children busy, you have come to the right place. Make a list of activities that you can do with your kids each week, and the best way to encourage your kids to be cooperative is to let them choose the activities so they don’t complain later.

Here is a range of activities for kids you can select from.

7 Fun Activities to Keep Kids Busy Over the Holidays | Moms Life Now
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Here are 7 Fun Activities to Keep Kids Busy!

1.    Cook and Bake with Your Kids

A terrific way to help your kids occupy their time constructively is to get them involved in baking or cooking. Once a week, ask your kids to take over the kitchen and cook or bake a meal for the family. Let them be creative, but you should be there to guide them.

If your kids are old enough to read, let them choose a recipe from the recipe book. Help them to work through the instructions. If they’re baking cupcakes, you can get a bunch of decorations from the store and let them be creative with them. The final product would make them feel a sense of accomplishment.

2.    Do Some Gardening

Create a small patch in the garden just for your kids. Order some seeds and kid-friendly, colorful gardening tools online to make planting fun. Ask your children what they want to plant and order accordingly.

We suggest you choose plants that proliferate and give your kids the satisfaction of producing something. Herbs, lettuce, and flowers grow quickly and would be best for this activity.

Planting would also teach children patience as no plant grows in a day; this would be a fun way to teach them how to wait and care about other things around them. However, if your kids are too young, give them a spade and let them loose and have fun in the garden.

3.    Let Them Paint

Painting is a great way for your kids to show and enhance their creativity. Get a supply of colors, paints, and large sheets of paper for your kids to draw and paint on. To make it a lot more fun, you can challenge your kid to create something creative using their hands and feet only. See what they come up with and frame it to make them feel a sense of achievement. 

Painting can be messy, so before your little one starts, prepare the area thoroughly and cover it with plastic or newspaper; this will make it easy to clean up later. Remember, you’ll need to wash your hands after you are finished, so be prepared for that with wipes, washcloths, or a sink nearby.

4.    Go for Picnics

Find a nice park nearby and set up a small picnic there. Your kids would have fun playing on the swings, and you can relax and chill while they are busy.

Make your kids their favorite picnic snacks and take them along. You can invite a few of their friends and moms over for a fun evening out in the park. The kids would enjoy with their friends, and you can end up making some new mom friends.

5.    Create a Holiday Scrapbook

Creating something like this is a great way to introduce your kids to scrapbooking. Teach your child how to scrapbook and watch videos on it together.

Once they get excited, you can get them a new scrapbook and ask them to fill it up over their holidays. Scrapbooking would get them to apply their creative skills and improve their writing skills if they’re old enough to write about their day.

They can document special occasions by photographing them and writing about them. It will make a great keepsake for them in the future and keep them occupied for several hours.

6.    Take Them Swimming

If you live near the ocean, take advantage of the opportunity to swim whenever possible. It is believed that the ocean has a calming effect on children and that the amount of energy expended in the water means they will not be quite as active when they return home.

If you don’t live near an ocean, river or lake, visit a community or club swimming pool. Swimming has many benefits for kids; they get exercise, balance their bodies and develop self-control. Going swimming can also be a way for your kids to socialize with children their age and make new friends, encouraging your kids to look forward to swimming classes every week.

7.    Have a Garage Sale

It is challenging to get kids to clean up their rooms; however, with the idea of a garage sale, children are more likely to clean out their rooms and create a box of things they don’t need. A garage sale would declutter their space and make room for new items, especially if they are growing up and looking forward to redecorating their rooms.

Sell some of your baking products, such as cupcakes and cookies, and ask your children if they’d like to make a little money selling lemonade, KoolAid, or other beverage. Pool all the money together and use it for something the kids would enjoy.

7 Fun Activities to Keep Kids Busy Over the Holidays | Moms Life Now
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The Bottom Line

Bored kids tend to be a lot more mischievous and naughty. Therefore, you need to keep them busy with activities. You will get to bond with them and have quality family time during this break. When the kids are doing fun activities that don’t need supervision, you can step back and have some time to relax with your partner.


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