Am I Mental, or Is It Normal to Still Love My Ex

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Love has a lot of dynamic stories and fairytales. Love is beautiful and magical. The downside is that love never gives you a notification that it’s leaving. So now you are left with the question, “is it normal to still love my ex?” “Am I mental?”

When I was in a relationship, I was so in love that I never thought it would ever come to an end. But he left, with no love and no mercy and leaving me still in love with him. As much as you may want to move on, you still feel like your love for your ex is holding you back.

Is It Normal To Still Love My Ex?

Yes, and no. Letting go of your lover is probably one of the most trying things you’ll ever do.  After all, your heart wasn’t ready for the relationship to end. It can be heartbreaking. Your ex has gone, but your heart wasn’t prepared to let go, and now you can’t stop thinking about him or her.

Now you’re left with the nagging question, is it normal to still love my ex after a breakup? The feelings of inadequacy, frustration, wondering why, and even anger can be almost unbearable, making you feel abnormal. Those feelings must be overcome or replaced with positive ones. It’s an agonizing experience, but working through those feelings can lead to tremendous growth.

Now you have to make a choice – to face those raging feelings and work through them or let them define you. Talk to friends, exercise, read a good book on self-care.  Get counseling if necessary.  Learn to love without obsessing or constant replaying of unpleasant memories. You may realize that your past relationship wasn’t so great after all, and it was the best thing ever that he/she left.

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Still in Love with My Ex

So he left and never said goodbye and even moved on like you never existed. Heartbreaks are different and painful either way, but I think the worst is when he ghosts you. Ghosting is when he stops calling, texting, and generally stops doing what he used to do. So now you keep convincing yourself that maybe he is busy when apparently, he dumped you.

You might keep comparing your new guy or girl with your ex. That is when you start questioning, is it normal to still love my ex? Does my ex still love me? Unfortunately, it may be your ex doesn’t love you as much as you loved him/her. Maybe they have some insight about that relationship that you missed or has some unfulfilled need. Don’t keep wondering about this. If your ex wanted to stay with you, you would still be together.

I found myself in situations where I would call and follow up with my ex to check if he still loved me. That kept on hurting me, especially when I saw he had moved on. And I would ask myself, is it normal to still love my ex? Just remember, you can still love your ex, but you need to let him or her go. True love doesn’t force itself on anyone.

Feelings Fade Away

The good thing about breaking up is that bitter feelings can fade away if you work at it. So if you are wondering, will I always love my ex? The answer is no, at least not in the same way. You will find another person to share your life with. Learn to love and appreciate your new partner. The time of asking the question, “is it normal to still love my ex” will end. Accept the change and the new beginning in your life.


How to Make My Ex Love Me Again

If you have asked yourself, is it normal to still love my ex too many times, then you may be wondering, should I tell my ex I still love him or her?

This is a delicate issue because you don’t want to appear needy. That’s a turn-off.  And remember, this will also take courage because you may face further rejection, which can be quite painful.  But if you think you can handle it, here’s a possible approach.

Go back to what made the two of you love each other. You can even go back to where the two of you fell in love, or another neutral place, like a coffee shop. Invite your ex to that place. Let them know that you still love them, but if that is no longer enough, you’re willing to let them go if they don’t see any way to reconcile. If your ex has already taken a new partner, be prepared to graciously back off, and let them go on friendly terms.  No rancor or “guilt-tripping”!

Suppose your ex seems open to reconsidering the relationship. In that case, you might try bringing up some good memories and what was right about the relationship. Let them talk about any issues or concerns that need to be worked out. If the discussion is productive, you’re headed in the right direction.  If it isn’t productive, at least you took the shot.


Reasons Why You Are Still In Love with Your Ex

The beginning of healing is finding where it hurts and why it hurts. To transform your love for your ex into something more healthy, you need to know why you still love him. Ask yourself, why do I still love my ex? The first step I took to get over my ex was making a list of why I loved my ex.

You may still love your ex because he was your first. You experienced many memorable moments with him. So now you have trapped your heart in his love, and you are clinging on to those feelings. Part of the reason is that you are afraid to let go and to move on. The more you keep asking yourself, is it normal to love my ex? The harder it will be to move on.

The other reason is that you may have loved him more than you loved yourself. You put him first before anyone or anything else. There are so many reasons why you are still in love with your ex. But the primary one is that you have not yet moved on.


How to Move On

You can start the healing process by loving yourself more. Start appreciating yourself. Accept your family and friends and love them more. Welcome people into your life and give your heart a chance to love again. This time, try not to cling to the person too much. If you have a new, healthier relationship, you will not question yourself, is it normal to still love my ex?



Love is a magical thing, especially when it happens to you for the first time. That is why when things go south, you can’t stop asking, is it normal to still love my ex? Well, it is normal, and it happens to many people. Just learn to be the person someone else is dreaming of.



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