4 Great Ways to Save Money on Baby Clothes

how to buy baby clothes within a budget

If you know how to shop, finding deals and discounts on baby clothes should not be hard. Nonetheless, the tricky thing about buying baby clothes is that you never know when you have crossed the budget. Because some of them can be pretty cheap, many expectant couples feel they can buy lots of cute, little […]

Myth Busting: 12 Common Breastfeeding Myths Set Straight

breastfeeding myths

Everyone around you – from your best friend’s mum-in-law to your hairstylist – will pile you with suggestions, opinions, and advice concerning breastfeeding in a seemingly innocent attempt to help.   And some of the wisdom imparted might even be useful. However, chances are that a significant chunk would not be. There are so many […]

Is Your Home Really Prepared for that New Baby Part 2

Hello, my lovelies!   As promised, I am back with the list of all the must-haves, nice-to-haves, and needless things to buy for your baby. If you’ve missed out on this post’s Part 1, be sure to give it a look and save yourself some time and money!   Without wasting any more words on […]

Is Your Home Really Prepared for that New Baby? Part 1

must-have things for your baby

Shopping for a baby can be overwhelming – you want to make sure you’ve got the best of everything (without breaking the bank). However, all you really need for your little one is a place to sleep, a blanket for bundling, and diapers (lots of them!). That said, I know you are not living in […]

Natural Vaginal Birth vs. C-Section: Which Is Better?

Serious Health Reasons for C-Section vs. Vaginal Birth

The vaginal birth vs. C-section debate has been going on for as long as I can remember. This is especially true since the inception and rising demand of elective Cesareans (too posh to push?). That said, there are several reasons mommies-to-be choose to go under the knife, and being “too posh” is not typically one […]

How Product Safety Regulators Help Keep Your Kids Unharmed

Baby Product Safety Regulators Who They Are & What They Do

Baby Product Safety Regulators: Who They Are & What They Do? Ever wondered who is accountable for ensuring the products you use on your precious little baby are safe and free of any sort of harmful radicals? Hop on the bandwagon because you are not alone.   The data revolving around baby product safety is […]

Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Birthing Classes

Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Birthing Classes

Are You Really Prepared for That New Baby? One of the most important things you can do to prepare for giving birth is to attend birthing classes. Whatever their format, these lessons can help you make your delivery day an event you feel confident and serene about.   The majority of birthing classes include stages […]

How to Help Your Pet Learn to Love with Your New Baby

introducing pets to a baby

For several couples, a pet is their first “baby.” And, your four-legged furry companion will still be a cherished part of the family when your new baby enters the picture. However, your routines will inevitably shift or take a U-turn, leading to a befuddling pet.   Like a newborn, pets thrive on predictability, and your […]

Breastfeeding Facts You May Wish You Knew Sooner

how to breastfeed a baby?

Breastfeeding is indeed a miraculous wonder of nature that countless women have been performing since the beginning of time. However, just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it happens naturally or on its own. First-time moms have never breastfed before, and their precious little baby has never eaten before (from a breast or otherwise). You need […]

First-Time Mom: How To Keep Your Sanity

3 most important things you can do for yourself as a first-time mom

If you are a first-time mom, brace yourselves because motherhood is not easy, neither is it for the faint-hearted! The fantasy of motherhood goes straight to the reality of 3 a.m. feedings and incessant cries.   Looking after your own needs  can be a challenge in itself these days. But once your precious little bundle […]