How to Handle Postpartum Depression

Giving birth to a child, for many women, is one of the happiest times of their lives. When the greatly awaited bundle of joy finally arrives, people become parents, couples become families, and everyone is blissful.   In theory, yes, that is what’s anticipated to happen. Still, for the 1 in 7 women who experience postpartum depression, […]

Preparing for A C-Section 101 | 5 Things All To-Be-Mommies Need to Know

No matter which kind of childbirth you are hoping (or planning) for, you should never rule out the possibility of a C-section or Cesarean birth. You’ll be astounded to learn that there it needn’t be a negative experience. In the U.S., less than one-third of women undergo a C-section. You can avoid a lot of trauma […]

The “Must Have” Hospital Bag Checklist for Mommy

what to pack in a hospital bag?

Don’t wait for the due date to approach to pack your hospital bag! But, if you are not sure where to start or what to pack in it, here is the definitive hospital bag packing checklist to help out: What to Bring in A Hospital Bag for Mama I advise every new mommy-to-be to first […]

Tricks To Cure Those “Sneaky Leaks” After Birth

how to strengthen your pelvic floor

Postpartum life is unpredictable, messy, and ugly, especially when it concerns the pelvic floor muscle. The possibility of bladder leakage is so plausible that it isn’t unusual to find new mommies stocking up on extra undies/pair of pants wherever they go. Pregnancy and childbirth are certainly physically transformative times, so you must know how to […]

5 Prenatal Secrets to Make Your Baby Smarter

Smarter Baby during Pregnancy

5 Prenatal Secrets to Make Your Baby Smarter: Every parent wants to raise their children for success. The promise of enhancing the intelligence of a baby before birth seems interesting. Of course, you want the best for your baby. You’ve already made plans to get them the best baby gear. But, you don’t have to […]

What are the Common Challenges of Mothers During Maternity?

Challenges of Maternity

What are the Common Challenges of Mothers During Maternity? The most important experience in any women’s life is motherhood. Every mother wants to do a fantastic job during maternity. But, on the darker side, we as mothers feel to lose ourselves and our relations in the process of motherhood. A new mother is a blessing […]

What is Ankylosing Spondylitis? Symptoms, Causes & Exercises

Arthritis Spinal Pain

What Is Ankylosing Spondylitis? Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is a rare kind of arthritis. It often targets the spine. It is that type of disease that takes many years to be diagnosed. This condition sometimes baffles physicians as well because it’s such a complicated form of arthritis. It causes pain and inflexibility in your spine. Fused […]

What is the 30 day Plank Challenge? How to, Benefits & Tips 

Plank Exercise

The formation of a solid body depends on a strong core. Let’s take the example of a tree. If the trunk of a tree is not stable and solid, it would fall. For the foundation of a strong core, a 30 day plank challenge program is the best exercise. What is the 30 Day Plank […]

The Female Led Relationship – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

female led relationships

The Concept of Female Led Relationship   The female led relationship enables both the woman and the man to break away from the relationship’s traditional dynamics, emphasizing the patriarchal gender roles while women play the subservient position. As opposed to the conventional type of relationship, the woman in a female led relationship has as much […]

Am I Mental, or Is It Normal to Still Love My Ex

Love has a lot of dynamic stories and fairytales. Love is beautiful and magical. The downside is that love never gives you a notification that it’s leaving. So now you are left with the question, “is it normal to still love my ex?” “Am I mental?” When I was in a relationship, I was so […]