Is Your Home Really Prepared for that New Baby Part 2

Is Your Home Really Prepared for that New Baby Part 2

Hello, my lovelies!


As promised, I am back with the list of all the must-haves, nice-to-haves, and needless things to buy for your baby. If you’ve missed out on this post’s Part 1, be sure to give it a look and save yourself some time and money!


Without wasting any more words on needless elucidations, let’s dive straight into the topic at hand:


I present you the list of baby gear must-haves, nice-to-haves, and needless-to-haves PART 2:




  • Waterproof mattress protectors (ideally two)
  • Good-fitted crib spreads (two or more)
  • Thin cotton receiving blankets (the more, the better)



  • Matching crib skirt or quilt (for decorative purposes only)


Baby gear you don’t need: 

  • Sleep positioners
  • Pillows
  • Mattress padding
  • Bumper pads


Note: All these baby gear items increase the likelihood of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome. Thus, it shouldn’t be kept in the crib till the baby is at least twelve months or older. Please note  in the comments below if you’d like to learn more about SIDS. 




Must-haves (for baby’s over four to six months):

  • Infant feeding bowl
  • Infant feeding spoon
  • Plastic bibs
  • High chair



  • A baby food mill (only if you’re planning to puree baby food yourself)
  • Mess mat (to place beneath the high chair)





  • Baby hangers (for the closet)
  • Onesies or snap-crotch bodysuits (seven or more)
  • Snap-up rompers (as many as you deem appropriate)
  • T-shirt and pant sets (as many as you feel appropriate)
  • Side-snap and/or T-shirts (three to four at least)
  • Sleeping pajamas and/or gowns (seven or more)
  • Sun hat
  • Cardigan sweater
  • Snowsuit or bunting (for cold weather)
  • Socks and/or booties (six pairs or more)



  • Diaper covers
  • A special outfit for leaving the hospital
  • Wearable sleep sack


Baby gear you don’t need:

Shoes – wait till your baby reaches the toddler’s years.





  • Washcloths (four or more)
  • Baby shampoo
  • Baby body wash
  • Hooded towels (at least two)
  • Infant tub (use only after the umbilical cord dries and falls off)
  • Baby brush and comb set
  • Baby seat (for baby’s over six months)
  • Cotton swabs and balls
  • Nail clipper, nail scissor, nail filer set



  • Faucet guard
  • Bath toys
  • Bath thermometer
  • Mesh bag (for bath toys)


Baby gear you don’t need:

  • Baby bathrobe (it is hard enough to get your little one dresses in actual clothes!)





  • Infant Tylenol
  • Pacifiers (try different brands to discern which your baby prefers)
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Thermometer
  • Electrolyte drink (to treat dehydration such as Pedialyte)
  • Nasal aspirator



  • Anti-gas medication
  • Teething ointment
  • Saline nose drops
  • Vapor bath and/or vapor cream


And that’s a wrap!


Here’s all the baby gear you need to navigate the over-flowing world of unnecessary and flashy baby products. Using this list as a guide, you can distinguish between must-haves, nice-to-haves, and needless-to-haves for your baby, helping you save both time and money.


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