Best Pregnancy Books for To-Be-Moms That Actually Help!


Pregnancy is indeed a thrilling time, but it can surely also be nerve-wracking. Swift changes to your body, and startling symptoms can emerge out of nowhere. And the journey is even more flabbergasting for first-time mothers.


Sufficiently preparing for the nine-month journey is undoubtedly the key to physical and mental health. Reading a pregnancy book – or two – is the best possible route to take in preparation for your upcoming journey. The best pregnancy books can help you learn about your evolving body and the potential changes that lay ahead.

Let’s take a look at the best pregnancy books that can actually help new mothers:

4 Best Pregnancy Books That Are Highly Recommended To Read 


#1: “What No One Tells You: A Guide to Your Emotions from Pregnancy to Motherhood”

By Dr. Alexandra Sacks and Dr. Catherine Birndorf


Penned by two leading reproductive psychiatrists, this pregnancy book is a must-have for expecting moms. The focus is mostly on the baby’s development and the woman’s body touching every milestone on the way.


However, what people don’t usually understand is that pregnancy isn’t just a physical evolution. Fundamental psychological changes occur when a woman becomes a mother and is no longer living just for herself.


In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Alexandra Sacks and Dr. Catherine Birndorf explain how it’s entirely normal to experience emotions and feelings that might feel intimidating. It discusses the birth of a mother or “Matrescence” and how the journey can be as traumatic as adolescence.


#2: “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”

by Heidi Murkoff


This book is a great first choice for expecting mothers who don’t want to go through tons of books. It’s quite comprehensive and includes chapters on life pregnancy, lifestyle, symptoms, carrying multiples, weekly development information, and so much more.


Believe me; it’ll end up on your side table as a veritable pregnancy encyclopedia. Cramps? Heartburn? Sleeplessness? The book has all the answers for you!


#3: “Expecting Better: Why the Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom Is Wrong—and What You Really Need to Know”

by Emily Oster


Authored by an award-winning economist, this pregnancy book debunks myths about pregnancy. It explains the entire pregnancy journey with engaging data. The author discusses several surprising aspects of pregnancy health, such as “why gardening may be harmful” and “why having a drink is not necessarily bad for expecting women.”


Additionally, she presents and evaluates data on almost every decision pregnant couples are faced with, enabling them to make a more informed choice.


#4: “The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth“

by Genevive Howland


The crux of this book centers on childbirth as an incredible biological process. It also involves natural remedies, nutrition tips, expert advice, and real-life birth stories with a holistic approach. It provides full week-by-week guidance for each stage of your pregnancy.


If you’ve read a pregnancy book that was either scary, patronizing or both, then my friend, you were reading the wrong one. Pregnancy books should make you more prepared and equipped for the arrival of your baby – not overwhelmed.  These four were picked for their uniqueness, thoroughness and relevance to make your pregnancy an adventure in personal growth and confidence.


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