Childbirth Pain: The Good, The Bad & The Embarrassing

childbirth pain

Giving birth is like a breeze for some women, while labor and delivery are excruciating for others. However, there are some things that almost every other woman in labor experiences. And there is one thing that every mum-to-be is most concerned about – childbirth pain.


For better understanding and coping with the miraculous process, here are all the good and the bad – and even the embarrassing – things to expect about childbirth pain and giving birth.

The Good 


  • Vent Out Your Rage (without worrying about what others would think) 

 Giving birth is definitely one of the few times in your life when people around you would not mind you venting your rage. However, not everyone takes advantage of the opportunity. Some women try to be on their best behavior despite the excruciating pain. But I want you to know that it is okay even if you raise hell or wreak verbal havoc in the delivery room. Benefits of childbirth pain, I guess.


  • Epidural to The Rescue (only if you want it) 

Thanks to medical advancement, if you think childbirth pain is too much for you, you can always ask for an epidural. I know we’re entering a risky territory here, but when you take drugs for a broken bone, then what’s wrong in taking it for something that’s a thousand times worse? Nonetheless, accepting or denying epidural is a decision only YOU should make. Plus, in real life, women aren’t as into epidural-shaming as in the comment section.


The Bad


  • Super-Long Labors (yes, it’s true)  

Average labor is supposed to last between eight to twelve hours. But reality depicts a different story. Many women struggle for as long as two solid days before they either deliver or the doctors give up and go for a C-section. So, yes, childbirth pain can be extensively prolonged, but that doesn’t happen to everyone!


The Embarrassing


  • Labor Pooping (not a myth, swear to God and hope to die!)

As embarrassing as it may sound, labor pooping is natural (and awfully common). But let me assure you, once your little bundle of joy is out, nobody would give a second thought to it. Nonetheless, if you wish to save yourself from the entirely natural phenomenon, try relieving yourself ahead of time (no guarantees that it would work, though).


Giving birth is unexplainably demanding, but despite the tears, pain, laughs, and occasional surprises, nature is working at its best. Seek comfort knowing that most childbirth stories have a happy ending, with families becoming closer than ever before. Remember, the goal is to stay healthy and have a healthy baby once the delivery is over.


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