How To Deal With Unsolicited Parenting Advice Gracefully

how to deal with unsolicited parenting advice

Parenting advice, both solicited and unsolicited, can be hard to handle, especially when it comes at a time when you’re already questioning yourself! Perfect strangers often come up to help you teach how to swaddle, feed or put your baby to sleep. While they might be trying to help you out in one way or another, we know it becomes exhausting to deal with such unsolicited parenting advice.

So, here’s some tips for dealing with unsolicited parenting advice – GRACEFULLY!

4 Tips to Deal with Unsolicited Parenting Advice


Dodge the conversation – Well, there is always that particularly recognizable moment when the person with parenting advice starts the conversation. They may say something like, “I know it’s really none of my business but…” or “I noticed a little something.”


Look out for those recognizable moments and pretend like you’re listening to them. When they appear engrossed in the conversation, politely speak your magic words, “I’ll look into that!” With this response, you’ll perfectly dodge the conversation. Try this the next time you recognize unsolicited advice coming your way; it definitely works.


Resist the urge to say ‘BUT’ –  Believe it or not, it will unnecessarily prolong the conversation. All you need is the art of disarming the conversation. When someone starts giving parenting advice, prepare your mind to agree with the parts that genuinely align with your views and stick your focus to them. This will simply help you in taking the conversation in the direction of your choice!


Trust your instinct – Do you think people know your baby better than you do? We know the answer is a big fat NO! This is why you should never question your idea of parenting. Politely tell people with unsolicited parenting advice that they have definitely done well with raising their kids. Still, every child is different, and we all learn through our experiences.


Change the subject – it’s always okay to agree to disagree. Suppose your friends and family members have even a slightly different opinion about parenting than yours. In that case, you should simply not discuss it. It’s always polite to say, “Well, you’re right, but I feel/think a little differently than you do,” and then change the subject of conversation. Maybe direct the chat to lighter topics such as weather, fashion, health, or nutrition.


Last but most important, DO NOT take this advice personally! You’re the champion of your family, and you make your decisions. Your child and their upbringing is your personal matter, so you have all the right to decide what works the best for you!


Keep your cool when someone offers you unwanted advice of any kind. I know it becomes frustrating, especially when you’re already trying to accustom yourself to a significant change in life. So deal with it the right way – handle the interference gently and do what you believe is the best for your child!


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