How to Choose Gifts That Will be Warmly Received


Gifts are typically linked with the holidays. However, there are several reasons to surprise your nearest and dearest with thoughtful presents at any time of the year. From Christmas to birthdays to graduation, a thoughtful gift can light up anybody’s day. But for the person gifting, things aren’t that simple.

Choosing a gift can be a challenging situation to navigate, even though it’s said to be fun and joyful. But as we said, things aren’t that simple. Buy the wrong gift, and you have an unhappy friend, wasted time, and a massive credit card debt. So, we thought about how we can help you pick unique, thoughtful gifts without the stress. Eventually, we discovered the “4 Gift Rule”.

How to Choose Gifts That Will be Warmly Received

What is the 4 Gift Rule?

The four-gift rule has recently gained popularity and is often used by people when buying holiday gifts. According to the four-gift rule, buyers limit gift-giving to only four gifts, where each one meets a particular gift parameter. The four parameters of this rule are:

  1. Gift something they need
  2. Gift something they want
  3. Gift something to wear
  4. Gift something to read

Let’s closely consider each parameter:

Gifting Something They Need

To help clarify how the four gift rule works, let’s assume you’re seeking a gift for your child. The first rule instructs you to get a present that your child needs. This will allow you to provide your child with something that might facilitate their learning or help them in a new stage of life (for instance, in kindergarten or school).

These types of gifts are usually expected and not a big deal. A new school bag, lunchbox, water bottle, etc., are good examples of something your school-going child may need.

Gifting Something They Want

Out of the four gifts, this item is the showstopper of all because it is something your kid really wants. When it comes to little children, this gift is usually some kind of toy or plaything. This can comprise electronic gadgets, outdoor toys, adventure playsets, construction sets, craft kits, or a special soft toy. Basically, anything your child has been begging you for.

Gifting Something They Wear

Gifting someone something to wear is a great idea until it backfires. After all, not everybody might agree you’re your choice. But hey, that’s what the other three gifts are for, right? Still, be sure to consider the person’s unique sense of style before making a purchase. If you take the time to pick something that expresses their taste, we guarantee they will wear it until it’s no longer wearable.

Gifting Something They Read

This one is perhaps our most favorite! Gifting something to read is an excellent opportunity to pick titles that speaks to the receiver’s interests. Think creatively, and don’t stress about crossing traditional reading lines. Get something inspirational, maybe even a cookbook or magic teaching book?  

The four-gift rule can mean less chaos and disappointment as well as realistic expectations. So, this holiday season, be sure to give it a try and let us know how everything goes!

How to choose the best gifts - A gift guide
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