Parenting Tips: 3 Things First Time Moms Worry About (But Shouldn’t)

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Things First Time Moms Worry About Most (But Shouldn’t)

Women everywhere can testify that becoming a mother can be a mishmash of unimaginable joy and excitement on one end and fear, panic, and frustration on the other. This is especially true for first time moms. Once your precious little bundle of joy arrives, things can get lopsided quite quickly. In few days, everything you believed to know about motherhood and parenthood will be tossed aside, and you’ll find yourself desperate for answers.


“Why can’t I breastfeed?” “Why isn’t the baby bonding with me?” “Will I ever sleep again?!”   (Need I say more?)


But hear me out: You’ll get through! You’ll get through all of this!


In this post, I’ll be sharing some everyday things that first time moms worry about most, even when they shouldn’t:

Breastfeeding Challenges 

Insufficient milk supply. Positioning. Pain. Latch. Mastitis. You name it, we’ve been through all. You should remember that the key to survival is knowing that every challenge is manageable! While producing milk is “natural,” breastfeeding isn’t. It is a skill that most women and their babies gradually learn (and develop with practice).


However, on the other hand, some women CANNOT physically breastfeed due to issues like “insufficient glandular tissue.” Everybody says, “Breast is Best,” but nobody talks about what to do in case you’ve trouble breastfeeding. I’ve first-hand witnessed women being devastated and mommy-shamed just because they couldn’t or chose not to breastfeed. But let me say it out loud, breastfeeding doesn’t define your capabilities as a mother, so power through, girl!


Sleep Ordeals 

Yes, sleep deprivation is HARD; it makes you angry, depressed, and irritable. But you’ll learn how to prioritize sleep rather quickly, even with a newborn. At first, sleeping might not feel the same, and you’ll realize how precious sleep is.


But fortunately, the “awake/crying all night” stage doesn’t last forever. As the baby gets older, both you and the baby will get longer stretches of sleep. A piece of advice: prioritize your sleep. Go to bed after you’ve put down the baby, take a nap whenever your partner is there to watch the baby.


Believe me; this simple tip can turn things around for you, as well as for the baby.



Trust your instincts more and worry less about what others say and their unsolicited judgment. Remember, there’s no one right way to parenthood; instead, it’s something that you’ll learn about as you go. With time you’ll learn about the baby’s needs and personality, develop parenting skills accordingly. Just be patient, trust your instincts and give yourself much-needed grace.


Over the years, I’ve learned that it doesn’t actually matter whether you breastfeed or formula feed, had a natural birth, or Cesarean. What truly matters is that you love your child, look after them to the best of your abilities. Just remember that motherhood is the most wonderful yet the hardest thing to do. But on days when the sun isn’t shining through, remember you aren’t doing “IT” wrong!


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