Preparing for A C-Section 101 | 5 Things All To-Be-Mommies Need to Know


No matter which kind of childbirth you are hoping (or planning) for, you should never rule out the possibility of a C-section or Cesarean birth. You’ll be astounded to learn that there it needn’t be a negative experience. In the U.S., less than one-third of women undergo a C-section. You can avoid a lot of trauma and recover more quickly if you’re prepared for that situation in advance.


Here is everything all to-be-moms should know about preparing for a C-section surgery.


Preparing for A C-Section | 5 C-Section Birth Tips for To-Be-Moms

Tip #1: Limit solid food intake for 8 hours before the surgery

Doing this will curb the probability of lung complications and/or vomiting. Up until a few years ago, the same was applicable for liquid intakes for the same reason. However, doctors finally realized that it’s a long time for expecting moms to do without food or drink, especially for something as emotionally and physically challenging as labor. Hence, now women can drink liquids such as fresh juices and sports drinks before the procedure.


Tip #2: Wash your body with an antibacterial soap

The morning or night before you go in for the Cesarean birth, be sure to take a shower and thoroughly wash your body using a block of antibacterial soap. The ultimate aim here is to reduce and kill the number of bacteria present on the skin incision area to prevent any infections post-surgery. That is one of the most common risks related to C-section births.


By preparing for a C-section, you can prevent many post-procedure and recovery troubles.


Tip #3: Do not shave your pubic or stomach area 

You might believe you are being helpful, but you may unconsciously be causing more harm than good by shaving your public or stomach hair with a razor. The leading reason why experts advise you not to do it is that it leads to minor nicks and scratches on the skin that may elicit infections post-labor.


If hair removal is required, the nursing staff at your hospital will take care of it with clippers on the day of your Cesarean birth.


Tip #4: Try to stay warm before and during the procedure 

Not many people will tell you, but getting cold before or during the process can increase the probability of infection. So always ask the staff for warm blankets as operating rooms are typically kept at a low temperature.


Tip #5: Choose your “support person” ahead of time

Typically, it is the father, but if he can’t be there for whatever reason, be sure to choose your support person before you go in for the surgery. Remember, this person will be with you in the labor room, sit next to you while you’re having the surgery, and will be the first person to hold your darling baby. So, choose wisely!


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