The Indispensable Holiday Party Planning Guide

Holiday Party Planning

Holidays are that time of the year when friends and families hold parties and get-togethers to connect and meet after a long time. Holiday parties are a tradition in many countries, and it is mainly to share warmth and spread happiness.

But these parties don’t happen by themselves. They require a lot of planning, effort, and hard work to make it happen. There are many things to plan and look after, such as the venue, the refreshments, gifts, and invitation cards to make the experience fun and enjoyable for everyone.

For the host, this can be nerve-wracking, whether they are holding a Hanukkah, Christmas party, or New Year’s party; it all requires the same amount of planning and effort. This article is the perfect guide to get your party planning started without any difficulty. Here are a few steps that are most crucial when party planning.

planning a party on your own during the holiday season can seem overwhelming. Here is the ultimate guide to making this party planning easier for you.
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1.    Choose a Date That Works for Guests

You don’t want to put effort into an event that everyone is too busy to attend; this is why you need to choose a date when everyone, including your friends and family, would be available for the party.

Choosing the date should be the first step you take, even before you book a venue and start making invitation cards for your guests.

For most people, the weekend works best as no one is working that day. So, choose a Friday night or even Saturday or Sunday to keep your holiday party on. Also, it would be best to start giving out invitations as soon as the venue and date are decided; this way, the guests would know and plan their other holiday events accordingly.

2.    Choose the Right Time

The time depends on who you are hosting the party for; timings would defer depending on the guests invited.

Planning A Holiday Party for Families

If you want to throw a party that includes family and children, Saturday would be the best day to keep the party. Start the party early in the evening, around 5 pm, so it ends before the children’s bedtime. We assure you parents would be thankful as well!

Planning A Holiday Party for Adults

If your party is for your friends or adults in the family only similar to your age, then host your big holiday party on a Friday or Saturday night to make sure people have time to recover. Traditionally parties for adults start around 8 pm, but you can even begin later depending on the crowd you’ve invited.

3.    Decide The Venue

After creating your guest list, choose an appropriate venue for the holiday party. If you are planning to invite many people, don’t use your backyard as a venue to host the party. Choose the next best option that goes with the theme of the party.

You can even choose a local park as a party venue. Indoor venues and halls also make for great options if you plan to spend a little more on the platform.

4.    Find Your Dream Holiday Party Theme

If you want to host a holiday party but aren’t sure where to begin, select a theme for the event. A party theme can help you focus your efforts and make the task of planning your event a little less complicated. It can be entertaining for the guests as well.

Ugly Sweater parties, tree-trimming parties, and Secret Santa exchanges are among the many possibilities. Decide on a theme before sending out invitations so that guests know what to expect and how to dress before they arrive. Even the invitations’ design should be according to the party’s theme.

5.    Decide What to Do at A Holiday Party

You don’t want to bore your party guests. The right combination of music and drinks will usually help your guests enjoy the party, but this is a holiday party we are talking about. Adding a few holiday-inspired games and activities never hurts. Here are some ways to keep the party fun:

Play Some Holiday-Themed Games

It’s impossible to go wrong with charades or board games, such as Pictionary, to energize and entertain your guests. Prizes for winners should be planned to make the competition more appealing. The prizes don’t have to be too costly. It could be anything!

Play Secret Santa

After all, it is the holiday season, and gift-giving is encouraged. To ensure that everyone leaves with a gift, organize a Secret Santa. This game would keep the excitement alive!

Decorate or Swap Christmas Cookies

A sweet twist on the traditional potluck is to have everyone bring their favorite sweet treats, such as fudge, toffee, or spritz cookies. Disposable trays should be available so that guests can collect treats to take home.

Alternatively, you could bake a few batches of sugar cookies yourself and set up the frosting and sprinkle stations for people to make their custom creations out of them later. This game would be fun for both adults and children at the party.

Pose for A Picture at The Holiday Photo Booth

An eye-catching backdrop, a tripod for your camera or smartphone, and a few cute props are all you need for some photographic entertainment. Couples, friends, and family at the party would enjoy taking memorable pictures together!

Sing Karaoke or Christmas Carols

Host a sing-along party with friends and family. Everyone loves and enjoys singing together with close relatives. Karaoke would be a fun way to keep everyone busy at the party.

Choose What to Serve at The Holiday Party

Holidays are incomplete without food. Everyone is excited to get together and eat during the holidays. The serving style will be determined by the size of your gathering and your event location. Intimate affairs such as dinner parties are best served with seated dinners; however, larger groups prefer little snacks and drinks.

The Bottom Line

All the hard work and stress during party planning does pay off at the end when you see your guests enjoying the event you worked so hard for. Use this guide to make the planning process simpler, if not easier. We are confident that your efforts would result in a successful party that people will talk about for some time.

planning a party on your own during the holiday season can seem overwhelming. Here is the ultimate guide to making this party planning easier for you.
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