4 Things to Expect After Giving Birth

4 things to expect after childbirth

Most of the time, expecting women are so invested in their soon-to-be arriving baby and labor or delivery that they often lose sight of what follows next. Not knowing anything about what happens to their body right after giving birth. Here’s the scoop:

What to Expect After Giving Birth?

Yes, the most challenging part of your pregnancy may be over once your bundle of joy is delivered. However, you might not know that the childbirth process endures for a couple of weeks as your body begins to adjust and recover from the physical trauma.


Here are four things to expect after giving birth. Some of these things might be painful, challenging – even a tad bit gross – but remember, it is all temporary. If postpartum recovery is hard for you, just have a look at that adorable, tiny face, and you’d know it’s all worth it!


#1: Post-Delivery Baby Bump

Remember Kate Middleton’s (the Duchesses of Cambridge) postpartum baby bump during her baby debut? Just like her, you’d still have a baby bump even once the baby’s out. Here’s why: during pregnancy, abdominal muscles, skin, and uterus are stretched over nine months. So, it’s not surprising that it takes weeks (or longer) for your body to shrink back after childbirth. Remember, body care after delivery is the best thing you can do for yourself.


#2: Baby Blues

Indeed, you feel over the moon to bring your precious bundle of joy finally home. However, the instance the time comes to do so, you feel sad. It can be frustrating, particularly to first-time mothers. Remember that roughly seventy percent to eighty percent feel gloomy and depressed during the first few weeks after giving birth. This phenomenon is commonly known as “baby blues” and is triggered by hormonal changes. Know that there’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, confiding in your partner, family member, or friend can make you feel significantly better.


#3: Water Retention

New moms can be eager for the pregnancy swelling to go away instantly after giving birth. But let me inform you that it would not, at least not for a while. Medically known as “postpartum edema” (swelling), your body would continue holding on to water even after delivery due to an increase in the hormone progesterone. Nonetheless, there’s nothing to worry about as it would eventually fade away within a week or two post-childbirth.


#4: Hemorrhoids

Many women develop hemorrhoids – a painful vein swelling in the rectum – during pregnancy. Whereas many get them from all the pushing and strain during delivery. They can be itchy and lead to bleeds and excruciating pain after a bowel movement. You can apply witch hazel to the hemorrhoids to relieve the pain, bleeding and itching. With adequate body care after delivery, the hemorrhoids should shrink over time. If they don’t, immediately contact a doctor.


Remember, there are many other things you might experience after childbirth. The key here is to take great care of yourself because you deserve it! And remember that help is always available. Never hesitate to ask. Because you’re not alone in this.


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