What is the 30 day Plank Challenge? How to, Benefits & Tips 

Plank Exercise

The formation of a solid body depends on a strong core. Let’s take the example of a tree. If the trunk of a tree is not stable and solid, it would fall. For the foundation of a strong core, a 30 day plank challenge program is the best exercise.

What is the 30 Day Plank Challenge?

For the development and strength of core as well as for increasing endurance, a 30-day program of plank challenge is a suitable process. You will steadily increase the time that you hold the plank on each day of the challenge. Your time goal is to hold a plank on the 12th day of the program in 2 minutes. It should reach up to 5 minutes at the end of 30 days. In this way, you will able to complete a 30 day plank challenge for beginners.

The following discussion shows the benefits of the plank. Moreover, this discussion also includes safety tips and how to get started for plank.

How to Perform the Plank Challenge

The very first thing at the beginning to assure yourself to perform a plank correctly. Following are the steps to perform a high or straight arm plank:

  1. The first step is to attain the position of a push-up. Your arm must completely be extended for a high plank. For beginners, plank on the knee is useful. If you are an expert in doing a plank, you can perform plank on your forearms.
  2. Make your core tight by keeping your palms and toes strongly on the ground. You should maintain your back straight.
  3. Your body should be in a straight line while performing a plank. Male sure that your back or head is not saggy.
  4. You should hold your plank according to pre-decided time. Stop doing plank immediately if your shape starts to go at any time.

For the 30 day plank challenge, schedule the time of plank that parallels your challenge day. Begin with 10 seconds on the first day. You should gradually increase the time by 10 seconds each day to hold a plank. The plank makes your body firm thus, it strengthens your core steadily. If you find that high planks are not easy for you or you get bored from your monotonous plank routine then you can try different plank positions as well. For example, you can do a side plank or up to down plank as well as a rocking plank.

What are the Benefits of the Plank?

The ideal exercise for the firm core is the plank. It is considered the most effective exercise to build up endurance. Benefits of the plank are mentioned below:

  • Make core muscles and back strong
  • Increase firmness
  • A decrease in back pain
  • Accelerate endurance
  • Boost your metabolism rate

Make core muscle and back strong 

Plank includes all core muscles when compare with crunches which only contain abdominal muscles and oblique. Plank helps to activate the muscles in the shoulders, back, and hips. For the strength and activation of abdominal muscles, a plank is considered the most effective exercise. Plank is more useful than crunches. They are vital for improvement in balance as well as endurance.

Increase firmness 

For daily activities, it is vital to have a strong and firm core. For example, you want to pick something up, for this, you have to bend. This bending needs a solid core. Plank helps to tone the core. They also help to maintain balance and stability.

A decrease in back pain

Plank helps to decrease lower back pain and injuries. It can also provide support to your current back pain. The reason for this is plank help to strengthen your core and, it can help with the proper spinal position. Many types of research related to relief in back pain discussed that exercises for stabilization of core muscles were more successful than any other physical therapy. Although, this area needs more research to discuss the associations between stable core and low back pain. Before performing the plank challenge, consult with a doctor if you have pack pain or any injury.

Accelerate endurance 

For increasing physical stamina as well as for toning and strength of your muscles, endurance is significant. Your body will build up endurance as you are starting to increase the time of holding a plank each day. For better improvement in endurance, you should perform other exercises as well along with plank. You should do the walking and running as well as cycling and swimming each day. To meet your fitness goal, adopt a habit of healthy eating.

Boost your metabolism rate 

The plank helps to reduce your weight. It burns more calories than crunches or any other exercise. Plank helps to speed up your metabolism rate. This exercise forces your body to burn calories even when you have completed it. It accelerates your metabolism during your sleep time.

How to do Plank Challenge Safely? 

The safe and effective exercise to strengthen the core and reducing lower back pain is the plank. You should visit a doctor when you want to begin any new exercise. You should immediately drop the plank challenge if you are pregnant or injured. To prevent injury, it is essential to perform plank correctly. You can take help from a friend or your gym trainer to make sure that your correct position at the time of plank.

Following are some safety tips for doing a plank:

  • To prevent your back from getting hurt or injured, you should engage your core during the whole movement.
  • Make sure that your body is straight from your head to heels. You should make your back flat. The position of your butt must be down. You should assure yourself not to pick up your butt upward.
  • Always make a focus on quality, not quantity, while doing any exercise. If your form starts to become unstable, you should urgently drop your plank position.

Is the plank challenge suitable for you?

If you are looking for the strength of your core, plank challenge is the most effective program. You will enjoy the 30 day plank challenge. It will reduce your boredom. Plank adds definition to your core muscle. But it is just one side. You should also avoid an unhealthy meal. You should make a habit of taking vegetables and fruits to achieve your goal of fitness. By adopting the above-discussed tips in this article, you can win a plank challenge.

Be careful to adopt the plank challenge. If you are injured or pregnant then you should avoid these types of challenges. Before starting any exercise, always consult a doctor.


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